UK Watchdog Condems Racy Ryanair Ad

In response to criticism surrounding the recent Ryanair ad campaign, Chiefs have hit back with an amended advert. The previous campaign featuring a model, posing provocatively in a school uniform was widely condemned for being too suggestive. The new campaign features naked middle aged men and women using the budget airline.

Readers Letter:

I am glad that the actor and Republican Governor for California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has come out and declared his support for McCain. I too love McCains Oven Chips and I am amazed that both myself and a Hollywood actor enjoy the same taste in food. Edith pickle, Fleetwood.

Bush Tries Not To Put The Putin

The US and Russia are to begin formal economic talks at ministerial level, the US embassy in Moscow has said.

Tory MP Stripped Of His Whip

MPs suspend Conway from Commons MP’s vote to suspend Tory Derek Conway for 10 days and order him to return £13,161 of payments to his son. The Conservative MP had denied he had done anything as his son was a boy scout and he had merely paid him the £13,161 as part of his son’s … Continue reading

Singer Spears In Sunglasses Scare

Britney Spears has been taken to hospital by ambulance from her home in Los Angeles, police say. Miss Spears who has been in the news on and off since her split with her former husband has been in the news yet again. Dr Victor Spode at LAX Hospital confirmed to waiting press that Miss Spears … Continue reading

Monkey’s Butt of Smokers Jokes

A Chinese company has gotten itself into hot water after it introduced its new brand of cigarettes, Monkey Tabs. The brands logo, shows a monkey smoking a cigarette on the front of the packaging. The WWF have complained to the Chinese Authorities over the matter as they believe this gives young children the wrong idea … Continue reading

King Thong sited in Cologne

Cologne, Germany was a city under threat when a local TV news channel confirmed that a hairy monster had been seen in the vicinity of Pashas nightclub in down town Cologne. One local resident who happened to see the monster prior to the confirmed sighting at Pashas managed to recall just how she came into … Continue reading

New Cameron Initiative

Conservative leader David Cameron has announced a new initiative to reduce the amount of people claiming state benefit. The ‘ Get Visible campain ‘ is designed to motivate the long term unemployed and encorage them back to work. ” The principle behind this campain is to make the plight of these claimants more visible within … Continue reading

Kaplinsky robbed of her sequins

So Natasha Kaplinsky is to be defrocked in front of the nation oops! Sorry, she has been asked to drop the ball gowns and sequins and wear something a little less formal whilst reading the news for her new bosses at Channel 5. Is nothing sacred you may be asking yourselves? Miss Kaplinsky who was … Continue reading

Government Whitewash Will It Wash off?

A damning report has been released by the government after much pressure from watch dog groups. The Whitewash report headed by top civil servant Lord Whitewash was released at a hastily called press meeting at Whitehall this morning assumedly in the hope the whole matter will be brushed under the carpet as quickly as possible. … Continue reading

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