Tory MP Stripped Of His Whip

MP’s vote to suspend Tory Derek Conway for 10 days and order him to return £13,161 of payments to his son. The Conservative MP had denied he had done anything as his son was a boy scout and he had merely paid him the £13,161 as part of his son’s bob a job week. The MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup has also had his whip withdrawn much to his dismay, as Mr Conway had grown very attached to the item concerned.

Commons leader Harriet Harman said it was a “highly regrettable” affair and questioned the validity of Mr Conway’s son being still a boy scout at such an old age. Her Conservative shadow Theresa May said Mr Conway’s suspension was needed in order to protect the reputation of the Commons. However, she further added that she was glad to see Mr Conway’s whip being removed, as it was need for Mr Cummerbunds Vicar’s and Tarts Party at the weekend.

The local leader of the Sidcup Boy Scouts had denied that Mr Conway’s son could have received such a vast amount of money for bob a job week. “I know inflation has increased steadily over the last decade or so but £13,161 is more than most pensioner can afford these days.”

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