Coming Next Weekend: Sosue -me The Great New British Puzzle

The Global News Terrorists Online are launching a brand new interactive puzzle.

You can play puzzles online or print them off, and also play archived puzzles.

How to play

Sosue-me puzzles will appear daily at 2000 BST, with the solution appearing the following day

As the week progresses the Sosue-me will increase in difficulty from Easy to Super Fiendish

To solve a Sosue-me puzzle, every square must have a slanderous comment about a famous person in each of the nine rows and columns and in each of the 3 × 3 boxes

To enter a slanderous comment, select a square using the keyboard or mouse, then write a piece of slander about a star celebrity. You cannot use the same libelous comment more than once within the grid.

To remove any comment, press Spacebar, Backspace, Delete or enter a new disparaging comment in its place

You can use the four arrow keys or tab to move around square by square

You may print out your Sosue-me from the interactive game or in the archived listings of puzzles, simply right click on the image and select “print”

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