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American Missiles Ready To Go

America has denied today that it only postponed the shooting down of its military satellite in case it should be hurtling towards Tehran. Officials at NASA have refused to comment saying the choice is purely a military one and nothing they can comment on. General Karl Lutz confirmed that should the satellite near Iranian Territory … Continue reading

Al Fayed’s Hamster’s Diary Serialised Exclusively In The Global News Terrorists

Dear Diary, 20 February 2008. I have been feeling for some time now that I am being used in some way by my owner Mr Al Fayed. I cannot put my little pink finger on it but somehow I feel embroiled in a conspiracy theory involving members of the Royal Family. Since I was rescued … Continue reading

Archive News:Republicans Wage Holy War in Cartoon Uproar

A man from Wisconsin U.S. of A has hit the local news for lampooning George Bush in a cartoon in his local newspaper. The cartoon has caused offence very similar to that of the one in Denmark in which Allah was lampooned. The Christian right have been targeting Wisconsin Daily Bugle’s phone desk ranting about … Continue reading

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