Archive News:Republicans Wage Holy War in Cartoon Uproar

A man from Wisconsin U.S. of A has hit the local news for lampooning George Bush in a cartoon in his local newspaper. The cartoon has caused offence very similar to that of the one in Denmark in which Allah was lampooned.

The Christian right have been targeting Wisconsin Daily Bugle’s phone desk ranting about the evil of taking Mr Bushes name in vain. The cartoon shows George W Bush with a suicide belt on shouting “save some of those virgins for me” whilst standing outside the Iranian Embassy has caused the loony right to inundate the editors desk of the Wisconsin Daily Bugle.

Hate mail and attacks on the newspapers office have steadily increased over the last few days. Some protesters have taken to the street burning, amazingly enough American flags and waving banners declaring a holy war against none believers (i.e. Democrats, Pinko Commie B’stards and tree hugging hippy dope heads)

A number of arrests have been made by the local sheriffs department and at one stage the local National Guard was on standby to quell possible riots. One of the protesters Al Bundy provided us with an idea of the hostility felt over the so called blasphemous cartoon.

When we asked Mr Bundy why he, like most of the other protesters felt the way they did? “Did you not see the cartoon? It’s a god damn disgrace I mean why the freakin’ hell would Mr Bush be wearing a gay utility belt like that he’s no faggot? As for the “save some virgins for me” he’s a freakin’ Republican right wing evangelist, a servant of God and married to boot. We Republicans don’t fool around with women or men for that matter, well none of the Republicans I know that is”

The protestors have been picketing the local newspaper demanding an apology from Mr Balowski and asking that the cartoonist be sacked for such an anti-Bush cartoon.

We asked the White House for a comment on the uproar the cartoon of President Bush has caused. One of Mr Bushes aids has confirmed to your favourite newspaper that Mr Bush did not wish to be drawn on the matter.

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