British Gas Profits Jumps By Gazillions

Energy supplier British Gas has declared extraordinary annual profits in its latest report. When asked about how they could justify these enormous profits a spokes man said “that old people would simply need to get used to the idea that if they did not pay their gas bill they would go to prison”. The comments … Continue reading

Passengers Try To Derail Good Services

After years of Commuter Turmoil Network Rail Almost Apologises For Getting Things Right. Commuters have complained in their thousands at the shoddy way their trains have operated on time for a change. A number of complaints have been made by regular complainants who feel they no longer have a purpose in life anymore. Network Rail … Continue reading

Day 2: Al Fayed’s Hamster’s Diary Serialised Exclusively In The Global News Terrorists

Dear Diary, My owner Mr Al Fayed has been in the news again claiming that I may have been forced by Prince Phillip to drive the Princess’ car and plough Diana into the Paris Tunnel. Thankfully Paris Hilton has stated in the press this afternoon that she wouldn’t allow such activities anywhere near her tunnel. … Continue reading

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