First British Face Transplant Gets Ugly As Face Rejected at last minute.

The first ever face transplant in Britain has been thrown into disarray after the patient, Mrs Rosemary Sow, of Kent, refused to go ahead with the transplant.

The operation was due to start at 9 o’clock yesterday morning a hospital representative confirmed. However, problems soon arose when Mrs Sow was informed whose face she was due to have transplanted on to her own. The patient became very distraught and the head of surgery decided to call a halt to the operation until the patient calmed down. Unfortunately the patient stood her ground and refused to go a head with the operation until another donor was found.

Mrs Sow a black and white saddleback pig had been booked in to have the operation once a new face became available. “Well with me getting older and the current trend these days for lady pigs to look younger and more buxom each year I had to do something. I am nearly 21 and I have had my fare share of children and working life has taken its tole on my face. Mr Sow has stopped looking at me the way he used to and I know having the first face transplant would change everything. I couldn’t wait to get the operation over with but when they informed me who the donor was I just lost it. I mean why would anyone have such an operation done knowing the state of the nose that they wanted to put on your face? I would end up looking like an F’n pig.”

No comment was to be had from the donor’s representatives but Mrs Sow is still waiting for a suitable donor to come forward.

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