Dogs Turn To Drugs To Escape Fireworks

A statement made by the National Veterinary Society today, claims that dogs are turning to hard drugs to escape from their firework nightmares. “Some dogs have been suffering firework distress for many years and are taking to drugs as a last resort”, said a spokesperson for the NVS. Our investigators have uncovered disturbing statistics regarding … Continue reading

Fat Boy Not Slim

An 8 year old boy weighing 14 stone has been allowed to stay with his mother after a local authority hearing. William ‘fatty’ Foulkes, 8, heard the news earlier today, and celebrated with a cheeseburger dipped in chocolate and lard. William recently lost a stone, but found it again later and placed it back with … Continue reading

Pressure grows on Commons Speaker

Day 3: Al Fayed’s Hamster’s Diary Serialised Exclusively In The Global News Terrorists

Dear Diary, I read today that Mr Al Fayed has accused Prince Philip of kidnapping me and having the Royal surgeon remove my heart and have it transplanted into his ill love child to one of his many mistresses. I do wish he would take a reality check and think about what he is saying. … Continue reading

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