Camilla’s Beauty Products Soon To Hit The Shops

Camilla Parker Bowles has confirmed that she is is to launch a range of cosmetics for the woman about town. Mrs Parker Bowles who is known for not only her wonderful dress sense but also for her ageless skin. ” I have been asked by numerous people how i manage to keep my looks and to be honest darling I always say Bullfrogs. I have been injecting bullfrog fat into various parts of my face for years now and as you can see it hasn’t done me any harm what so ever.”

Mrs Parker Bowles we can confirm has been aware of the recent discovery that the bullfrog may harbour a valuable anti-aging substance for humans.

South Korean researchers say, ” The material is useful in removing free radicals — molecules that hasten the aging process of human cells. Though we would not recommend anyone should just inject the bullfrog fat directly into ones face.”

Mrs Parker Bowles new range of products will go on sale this coming summer. So if you want to have a complexion like hers and want to attract your very own prince in the process look out for “Sand Paper” and “Craggy” in shops near you. Rumours of her other product “Crash Victim” have been removed from the shelves of Harrods. At the time of release this information cannot be substantiated.

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