Look Good For Jesus

Ever wondered what Jesus used to use when he wanted a bath? then look no further for this blasphemous cleaning product has recently been seen on sale in the Far East. What next, ” Cleans the mind shampoo.” or “Throw the first stone” Kidney and Gall bladder relief medicine?”

We asked the retailer who has had the product removed from his shelves due to complaints from religious groups about the idea behind the products.

Mr Harry Ho confirmed, ” It came to me in a vision whilst sitting in my bath one evening. I thought to myself that I was cleaning my body and wondered to myself did God ever have a bath? I then hit on the idea to produce my own bath and household products. Unfortunately I have been asked to remove some of my products as some locals felt it was going too far. I only hope my new bleach product doesn’t get removed also.”

Mr Ho’s Family sized bottle of bleach ” The Road To Domestos” is in the shops now.

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