Government In Spin Over Sweet Mix Up

After the recent upsurge in British people being bedridden by the Norovirus the Department of Health has issued guidelines for anyone who is suffering from the disease. Basically do not go to a hospital or your doctor’s surgery, as you are not welcome. Unfortunately an influx of callers to the NHS Direct phone line has been due to yet another mix up by someone within the health minister’s office.

It has been reported by a very good source that a junior civil servant has issued a warning and guidelines about the Norovirus but has inadvertently added a picture of a very popular blue liquorice sweet and not the Norovirus as they should have done.

Mr David Cummerbund the Conservative Leader has asked for a full enquiry over the matter. “It is bad enough that we have been subjected to shoddy practices from Mr Drab Brown’s government over his short period in office. But to now imply that the nations favourite sweeties are linked to outbreaks of sickness and diarrhoea it is terrible. Surely no one in their right mind could say liquorice could leave them with a sick tummy wummy?

No response as yet has been made by the Health Department but the junior civil servant by all accounts had called in this morning with a virus. One jovial wit at the Houses of Parliament was overheard to say that the Health Department “Takes Allsorts these days.”

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