Police Wrong Footed In Hospital Gun Incident.

A hospital in America was locked down when armed police searched the building after a member of the public reported that a man had walked into the building with a deadly assault rifle.
The ‘assault rifle’ turned out to be a prosthetic leg though police have not confirmed what caliber of leg it may have been.

The incident began when a woman called to report that she’d seen a man carrying a weapon into St. Justin’s Hospital in Bellingham, Washington. Several police agencies responded quickly, conducting a search of every floor in the building.

When they didn’t find a gunman anywhere, they evacuated the building. It was at this point that the woman who originally spotted the gunman saw him again – and it turned out to be an office worker carrying a prosthetic leg. Mrs Szczepanek who has been diagnosed with severe cataracts was not repentant at all about her mistake but was more interested in asking our reporter, “ Who are you, you freakin nutcase?”

Police Deputy Chief Randy Craft commented, “Everyone did everything to plan and like we hoped, it turned out to be a good situation today. We however, would like to apologize to the office worker for my men beating him up but when we see a man with a weapon we act first and think later, even if it does turn out to be a false leg.”

We asked if the leg the office worker was carrying was in fact loaded but the police chief refused to confirm one way or another.

It has been confirmed by a reliable source that it isn’t the first time Mrs Szczepanek has made false reports to the police. Last year she called 911 when she assumed a man with a sawn off shotgun had entered her local synagogue. It transpired that the man in question was on his way home from doing his groceries and had dropped in to the synagogue whilst carrying two French sticks under his arm. The Police Deputy Chief would not confirm if Mrs Szczepanek would be charged with wasting police time or if her Juggernaut license would now be taken off her.

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