David Cameron In Party Logo Fiasco

David Cummerbund Leader of the Conservative Party has come under fire from his party after it was claimed that a family friends son was paid a quarter of a million for designing the Conservative Parties new logo. The traditional logo which was been replaced for some months now depicted an outstretched blue arm holding a torch with the colours of the union jack like flames burning from it. However, the new logo has come under close scrutiny due to its minimalist look of a child like tree with green scribbled leaves above a hastily coloured blue tree trunk.

A top ranking Conservative MP, Harrington-Carrington of Barrington-On-Sea wrote in the Times:-

“It has been commented in the party that a child has in fact drawn this logo. I must admit no professional artist would produce anything as infantile as this. If it is proven to be true, I think it is despicable that a leader would garner extra income in such a way. To possibly use a child in these matters would be deplorable and to then have the party pay for the privilege would be beyond belief. However, I am sorry that I never thought of it myself. One of my children could have easily done a similar picture with their foot never mind their hand. That’s if they still had feet or hands that is, nasty accident, best not to mention it.”

One MP from the Labour back benches commented, “ Perhaps the tree represents Mr Cummerbunds lack of manhood and that his party are waiting for their leaders conkers to drop to see if he is a real man?”

The Conservative Leader would not be drawn on the subject as the child concerned had not returned from nursery school when we put the question to him.

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