Paediatricians Are This Years Paedophiles

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Harold Armstrong has today called on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to put an end to the number of Paediatricians allowed to roam our streets.

The police commissioner has once again asked the question that all right minded citizens of this country have been asking for sometime now, Remove these paediatricians from society.

Commissioner Armstrong said, “For too many years now the government has turned a blind eye to what has been at the core of the breakdown in the moral standards of the country. Too many of “these people”, have been allowed to walk amongst us for far too long now. Many have been allowed to gain key positions to which they have been able to manipulate to their own nefarious ends. The very foundation of Britain’s society will continue to crumble the longer these people are allowed to have contact with our children.”

Our man on the street Albert Fish, spoke to Ken Stott, a leading activist of the current protests that are garnering greater support each and every day. “For far longer than I can possible recall paediatricians have been allowed to have access to young children Often enough children are left alone with these people without parental supervision. This is surely playing into paediatricians hands for want of a better phrase.”

Mr Stott went on to also say, “The medical records of children which give both private and personal information are at easy reach of any practicing paediatrician. A few years ago the media laughed when a protest against paedophiles was shown across the world and protesters had, in the media’s eyes, attacked an office of a paediatrician instead of paedophile. Mark my word this was not a case of misguided illiterates. This pernicious attack was perpetuated by a group of visionaries. They could see if they did not act when they did these paediatricians would continue to walk our streets without fear.”

The Medical Council have asked for calm and that the general public should not be influenced by such inflammatory words. Dr Angus Dutton spoke to our reporter briefly between running a gauntlet of abuse and numerous foreign missiles. “People have to realise that without paediatricians people would not be able to be treated if and when sick. Paediatricians are being blamed for a great many things when in fact they should be praised not abused. I overheard someone the other day saying that you never use to hear of Paediatricians years ago but now they are everywhere. Of course you didn’t hear of them years ago that’s because they were merely described as doctors.”

The flames of anger and protest are being fanned by those who wish to rid this country of paediatricians. The Global News Terrorists refuse to be drawn on the matter but surely the people of this country need to have their questions answered?

What do you think? Paediatricians – Hug them or Burn them?
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