Chinese Tortoise ‘Addicted To Cigarettes ‘

A tortoise that appears to be addicted to nicotine has been discovered in China’s northeastern province of Jilin, according to reports. The animal’s owner, a man identified by his surname Yun, has kept the pet for four years. He is himself a smoker and played a major part intortoise’s habit, according to Xinhua news agency, quoting a local newspaper. Perhaps dispirited by the animal’s naturally slow and insouciant character, Yun one day decided to spark things up by placing a cigarette butt into its mouth.To his surprise the tortoise not only started smoking it, but did not even cough. From then on, Yun shared his cigarettes with his pet.“It seems to have become addicted,” said Yun. “Whenever I smoke in front of it, it will stick its head out of the water and fidget about until I give it the stub.” Yun proved his claim by putting a cigarette in the tortoise’s mouth in front the paper’s reporter and his neighbours. To everyone’s amazement, the tortoise finished it in less than four minutes, the news agency said. It is not known whether the tortoise has tried herbal cigarettes or nicotine patches.

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