Governement Call Time On Whistle Blowers

Today The Global News Terrorists has taken a glance at its archives and brings you a report from way back in 1990.

1990: Secrets act gags whistle blowers.

Whistle blowers and journalists will, from today, risk criminal prosecution if they reveal information viewed as damaging to the defence of the UK.

The federation of football referees walk out in protest due to fears over their constant whistle blowing at football games. Many of the nation’s top professional referee’s have walked out due to the stress the game is putting upon them.

The head of the Federation of Referees, Arnold Ramsbottom has called for the Government to desist in their introduction of petty laws and by-laws and put in place a change to the current law that will protect his members from such draconian rules.
Mr Ramsbottom who over a 60 year career worked his way from a volunteer referee at county schools level to be the head of 20,000 strong refereeing federation world-wide. At last nights meeting Mr Ramsbottom talked openly on this crisis that is threatening to bring down his federation.
“Never in my life have I stood before my colleagues and friends at a federation meeting and had to try and explain to my members, how such a catastrophe to the game as this can or more to the point has happened, to such a well respected organisation as ours. Surely someone in power can see that in some cases whistle blowing has a place in modern society. Too many members of our federation have been stricken by this whole affair.

I have been given reports of some members who have not turned up at weekend and mid week games with excuses for why they can not attend. It is a terrible state of affairs if our members have started turning to lies and half truths to get out of a game due to fears of imprisonment for using ones whistles. Please Mr Prime Minister I implore you to think again on this terrible law and come to your senses by changing this amendment to the current law. I truly fear for this federation if nothing is done about the current situation. Far too many good referees are retiring early than they should due to this sordid affair.”

We have yet to receive an official response from the Prime Ministers office but we will keep you informed of any official statement from Downing Street as and when it happens. No confirmation has been made if the rumours are true that ASLEF, (Associated Society of Locomotive Steam Enginemen and Firemen) has called upon its members to walk out on strike over similar concerns for its member’s safety.

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