Palestinian detainees Learn The Conga

Smith Pledges More Terror Police

Great-Apescape Means Clean Sweep Of Zoo’s Security

An escaped chimpanzee made herself at home, raiding a kitchen cupboard and cleaning a toilet before finally falling asleep on sedatives on top of a fridge. Jimba, a 120lb chimp from the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas, escaped from her enclosure on Tuesday when a keeper accidentally left the door to her sleeping quarters open.Jimba … Continue reading

Kemp In Drugs Protest

A group of unidentifiable people held a silent protest waving banners calling for the ” Legalization of Kemp” in London yesterday. A flurry of press and television attention quickly encircled the home of Actor Ross Kemp near Sheppard’s Bush. The actor formerly of the BBC’s, Eastenders television programme was flummoxed by the sudden media attention. … Continue reading

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