Great-Apescape Means Clean Sweep Of Zoo’s Security

An escaped chimpanzee made herself at home, raiding a kitchen cupboard and cleaning a toilet before finally falling asleep on sedatives on top of a fridge.

Jimba, a 120lb chimp from the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas, escaped from her enclosure on Tuesday when a keeper accidentally left the door to her sleeping quarters open.
Jimba made her way to a storage area, went into the kitchen, and started to open cupboards and go through the refrigerator where the zoo kept the chimpanzee snacks.

After binge eating on five pot noodles and a family size packet of Corn Nuts, Salsa Jalisco, which by all accounts are her favourite flavour. She also managed to swig from several bottles of juice that she managed to open. Then Jimba did what all party animals tend to do after such excess and headed to the toilet.

One of the primate keepers at the zoo, said: ‘She went in the bathroom and picked up a toilet brush and cleaned the toilet. She also somehow used a toilet duck and left a nice blue tablet in the tank. Her technique was good enough to make me think she must have done it before.’
After seeing to the toilet, Jimba then went back to the kitchen and scrubbed down the fridge with a sponge. She managed to also empty the bin in the kitchen and wiped down the work tops with a household cleaner.

By this point, the zoo staff had noticed she was out. Staff at the zoo, were shocked to find Jimba in the kitchen wearing a pink tabard and yellow marigolds with pink fluffy trims. This was topped of with a yellow beehive wig with chin strap and a cigarette hanging from her mouth. Several attempts were made to sedate her – with one finally succeeding, as she fell asleep on top of the fridge with half a loaf of cinnamon-raisin bread and in a sedated voice shouting I’m Kim not bleeding Aggie.

Jimba was apparently a house pet before she arrived at the zoo, which may explain why she feels an urge to clean things.

Zoo Keepers have denied that they have deliberately allowed Jimba to watch the top hit TV show in order to train Jimba in the art of household cleaning. Furthermore they have denied that this was because they couldn’t be bothered cleaning up themselves. However, rumours have been circulating that an orang-utan has been spotted handing out cloakroom tickets to customers as well as red panda helping customers to park their cars at the visitor’s car park.

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