Paris Hilton In Adoption Sit-In

The trend in Hollywood of late has been to adopt children from under privilege countries. Previous years trends has been as we are all aware to have a miniature dog as a fashion item. Paris Hilton who is known in America for her love of trend setting denounced the move in the press yesterday after months of silent anger.

Our Ace reporter Eris Shun spoke to Miss Hilton at one of her many palatial Californian homes.

“I thought that this would all be a flash in the pan but to hear Madonna is trying to adopt another child I think it’s freaking terrible.” The dulcet toned beauty spat out to our roving reporter. “Nothing happens in this country with out me creating the current trend. I wanted the next trend to be Elephants but that bitch goes and does this.”

Ms Hilton, heiress to the OK Diner chain of restaurants stamped her foot and asked for help to remove the ton of elephant dung her pet, Fifi had deposited on the pavement.

We doubt very much that this will be the last we hear from Mis Hilton over this celebrity row as rumours are foot that a “Z” list of celebrities plan a spate of protests in Tinsel Town over the next month or two. We doubt however, that anyone will notice or even care. Miss Hilton was last seen remonstrating with a patrol officer after he had issued her with a fine for her pet soiling the pavement.

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