Dogs Anus Centre of Jesus Probe

We have had a report of the latest in a long line of miraculous apparitions of the image of Our Lord. After Jesus has been recently spotted appearing in spilled hot chocolate, dental x-rays, shrimp and a Tampax, a reader sends us evidence that He has appeared on the bottom of a dog.
The dog’s name is Crawford MacDougall, and he is a very cute three-year-old terrier mix. The image of Jesus can be clearly seen in the fur surrounding his @nus.
The owner of the dog informed us when interviewed, “I woke up one morning and noticed Crawford’s cute little tush wagging in my face. I got out of bed and took a deeper inspection of his @nus and after brushing the fur from his bum hole and stroking the area with my finger I probed his anus and was shocked to see Jesus looking back at me. The sunlight was shining through the window it was like I was awash with the morning glory of Christ himself.” Ever since that sanctified day, the image of Jesus has graced Crawford’s buttocks.
The owners wife added, ‘This is truly a holy event,’ and ‘It’s hard to understand the meaning of this appearance, but one thing is for sure, that dog’s bum looks incredibly like Jesus. However, when Crawford goes for his number 2’s it does seem to change appearance but it soon goes back to normal.”
When we asked the owners to explain the two large dangling testicles they insisted this was Jesus’ wings in the relaxed position. “My husband hasn’t been able to stop touching Crawford’s bum hole since the image first appeared. I think he is expecting a miracle but no matter how much he touches it, it just seems to look back at him in silence. He hasn’t washed his hands for days. I think he is obsessed with the whole thing.”
The apparition has caused a stir in the religious world and it has been rumoured that the Pope may be visiting Crawford shortly in America. No confirmation of this trip has been made by the Vatican nor could anyone tell us if the Pope would be kissing Crawford’s ring or Crawford kissing the Popes. Hundreds of deeply religious people have flocked to see this miracle. Crawford apparently has been a little uneasy about the number of people taking a keen interest in his @nus. One visitor explained, “It’s a message, a holy message I am sure of it but I just cannot put my finger on it. At the moment”
A spokesman for the family confirmed, “This thing is getting bigger every day, the story that is not Crawford’s @nus. The Internet has increased the interest rapidly. Even President Bush has responded to the holy image, “I feel this is a message from God letting the American people know that I was right to go to war in Iraq after all. Mr Bush has set up a special agency and sanctioned a government probe into Crawford’s @nus.”

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