Bad Made Up Joke Of The Day

And finally a man dressed as Luke Skywalker was nearly killed whilst jaywalking across a busy crossing in up town New York. The man was seen by eyewitnesses as he was nearly run over by a man dressed in black, wearing a black mask whilst sitting behind the wheel of a vintage Ford Mustang car. … Continue reading

Man Admits Having Sex With Cars Continued:-

After Zimbo’s excellent report, “Man Admits Having Sex With Cars” The Global News Terrorists Editorial Team have created their top adult car movies of all time:- 1. Exhaust Honey’s 2. Deep Throttle 2 3. The Gearstick Rattlers 3 4. Big End Bangers 5 5. Crankshafter Cuties Do Crewe 6. Split Ringers 7. Sump Smoochers 8. … Continue reading

Deep Space Urine

International Space Station astronauts are eagerly awaiting the arrival of shuttle Discovery – it is bringing a new pump to mend their broken toilet.The station’s urine collection unit, as opposed to its solid waste unit, has been malfunctioning for several days. This is causing some concern for the manned crew. Nasa said it thought a … Continue reading

Last Word On The Subject?

Eagle eyed viewer Ged Simpson spotted some more Champions League jokes and sent them in to your favourite newspaper. John Terry is going to start making is own brand of vodka – and like him it’s bottled in Russia. After Ryan Giggs lifted the Champions League cup for a second time he had a peek … Continue reading

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