Pop Stars Come Out In Protest Over Handlebar Battle

An RAF fighter pilot has won his battle with the United States Air Force over the size of his handlebar moustache.

Flight Lieutenant Chris Ball, who is on an exchange posting with the USAF in Afghanistan was told to trim his distinctive moustache.The pilot, who is usually based at RAF Lossiemouth, turned to the Queen’s Regulations and found the moustache’s width did not breach RAF guidelines. The rules state the moustache should not go below the edge of the mouth.

‘Big and bushy’

Moustache aficionados were delighted that Flt Lt Ball could continue to sport his facial hair.

Rod Longstaff, vice president of the American Handlebar Club (above) , said the RAF had a long association with the moustache. “We are delighted with this result, it’s one in the eye for these people – a moustache is all about individuality,” he said.

“A moustache would certainly make them look a lot older and more manly.”

“Everything goes around in circles and I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t become more popular. The handlebar is the most sought after – it’s big and bushy and swishes across the top of the lip.”

Flt Lt Ball remained tight lipped after hearing of the backing he has had from the American Handlebar Club but assume it is due to security reasons of some ilk

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