Who Ever Did The Mime Did The Crime

After last night’s television documentary “Girl in a Box”, the real life case of an American hitch hiker who was kidnapped by a family and was locked in a box for 10 years unbeknown to her family. It has been brought to our attention that this isn’t a lone case at all. Our research team have uncovered a similar case that occurred in France 5 years ago.

A 25 year old student Claude Robsphere was hitch hiking across Southern France when he accepted a lift from a lone male driver. It transpired that Claude had been picked up by a deranged mime artist. The unfortunate Claude then spent 2 years trapped in a see through prison with only an imaginary friend to communicate with.

The man was thankfully rescued from his imaginary prison cell by armed police. However, it did take a police hostage negotiator all of 2 hours to coax the victim to walk across the threshold of his imaginary cell. Mr Robsphere said “I have spent 2 years of my life trying to get out of that damned prison when I could have just walked out on my own. I just cannot believe how stupid I have been “

French police have released the following picture of the perpetrator of the crime. They have stated that he is armed and dangerous though police cannot confirm if the gun is real or a figment of their imagination.

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