Robert Mugabe Attends book fair in Zimbabwe

Durex Sponsor BIG BEN

Durex Sponsor BIG BEN.When it was pointed out that Big Ben was a Bell and not the tower erection. A spokesman commented “It sends a message”. By SLAP

National Treasure No Longer A Family Pleasure

Cash strapped councils and the National Heritage Trust have denied rumours that they are offering national treasures up for product endorsements to cover spiraling costs. An eagle eyed tourists sent this photo from the Stone Hendge which does appear to show that the rumours of endorsements may actually be true. Makers of a well known … Continue reading

Vorderman Spells Out Her Feelings On TV Show

Carol Vorderman, who is quitting Channel 4 quiz show Countdown, may just have become the first TV presenter to fall victim to the credit crunch. Her agent said she felt forced to step down when she was told to take a 90% pay cut from a salary reportedly in the region of £1m. Before leaving … Continue reading

New Labour Rebels Deny Hiring R.A.F Display Team

Why doctors should be tested for competence

Unknown souce from the NHS took the above photograph recently. Shockingly it shows two senior surgeons laughing and joking at the pain suffered by a patient. When questioned by our reporter one said “It wasn’t me he did it” Then proceeded to spin around for no apparent reason and fall over a theatre trolley. The … Continue reading

Anglicans ‘Must Resolve Tensions’

Political Display In Arrest Dismay

Olympics-theme floral displays have been arrested in south Beijing, China after one of the displays dared to unfurl the banned Tibetan flag. As yet no word has been heard of the arrested floral display but Gardening experts fear that being left in a dark cell without plant food or adequate water may spell the end … Continue reading

German Tourist Shot dead By S.A.S on Brighton Beach

Tourists on Brighton beach looked on in horror as S.A.S marksmen shot dead a German man who was seen wearing Speedo’s. Erik Shunn 44 was shot at point blank range and died instantly. A spokesman for the S.A.S unit said “I know this may seem harsh but Speedo’s have been outlawed in Britain since the … Continue reading

Cummerbund’s Trike Stolen As He Shops

Conservative leader David Cummerbund says his tricycle was stolen after he left it locked outside a supermarket while he shopped near his home in west London.I only went in for a sherbet dab and a few gob stoppers and when I came out I found my trikey wikey was missing.

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