New Robocop movie runs into budget difficulties

Prince Charles injured when Camilla’s make-up box explodes

Jackie Chan in Bum-Bag Row

Movie superstar, Jackie Chan was dragged kicking and screaming from his local Poundstretcher for wearing a Bum-Bag. Poundstretcher chief-executive Martin Scrote, informed all his shop workers not to allow any martial arts experts to enter the store wearing the waist purses. Mr Chan, aged 124, had been warned in the past for wearing his pouch, … Continue reading

Man Arrested for Licking Bobbies Helmet

Further troubles in Northern Japan, during a gay rights rally. 24 year old Tung Mi was arrested for appearing to lick the helmet of a senior police officer. Mr Tung, a local dj and former Mick Jagger impersonator, claims he was only thirsty and noticed some watery residue on the tip of the officers helmet. … Continue reading

So It’s Back To School For George Again

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