Bigfoot Find Found To Be A Hoax

An independent investigator in the US has proved that a man who said he’d had found Bigfoot’s remains was actually pulling off a hoax. ar yad_template_target=”_blank”;var yad_template_URL=new Array();var yad_checkVersion=”7″; yad_template_URL[1]=”*″; var yad_template_fv=”clickTAG=”+encodeURIComponent(yad_template_URL[1])+”&targetTAG=”+yad_template_target; var yad_template_swf=””; var yad_template_altURL=”*″; var yad_template_altimg=””; var yad_template_pos=”LREC”; var yad_template_w=300;var yad_template_h=250;

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Expert Bigfoot tracker John Buscati thought that the claim to have found the monster was genuine at first.He had been given a sample from the body which matched ape/human DNA.

After paying a fee to hand over the body, he was taken to the body in Georgia.

Private detective working for the research team said that they had to thaw out the frozen corpse to investigate it. It was only then that they realized that man concerned, Mr Keith Harris had been trying to garner publicity for his latest Summer Season at Blackpool’s Golden Mile.

Mr Harris normally known for hanging around with a bright green duck was unavailable for comment today as rehearsals were under way for his up and coming new show. A reliable source has confirmed that Cuddles the monkey has not been seen for sometime and his current whereabouts are as yet unknown.

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