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Putting on weight due to a crisis at work? Do you no longer have the full support of your co-workers? Why not visit your doctor and ask for the new David ” Gastric ” Miliband and you will soon see the weight drop off just like your popularity polls.To see just how successful our new … Continue reading

Kerry Katona may have her assets seized by tax man

Bill Clinton Gets Excited About Hillary And Obama Working Together

Thousands of criminal files lost

“Oh no I am going to have to start eating my mum’s cakes now” said a despairing Fingers Mulreaney from Dartmoor. In agreement was Ronnie “Stick em Up ” Smith at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in Wandsworth who remarked “it is a sad day for home baking”. By SLAP

Church Commissions Stained Glass Window to Honour Role Of Choirboys

McCain and Obama Hang Their Hopes On Christian Vote

Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain sought to burnish their Christian credentials with voters Saturday night in a civil forum at a California megachurch. Both Senators confirmed their pro life views but at what cost for American women?

Bigfoot Find Found To Be A Hoax

An independent investigator in the US has proved that a man who said he’d had found Bigfoot’s remains was actually pulling off a hoax. ar yad_template_target=”_blank”;var yad_template_URL=new Array();var yad_checkVersion=”7″; yad_template_URL[1]=”*″; var yad_template_fv=”clickTAG=”+encodeURIComponent(yad_template_URL[1])+”&targetTAG=”+yad_template_target; var yad_template_swf=””; var yad_template_altURL=”*″; var yad_template_altimg=””; var yad_template_pos=”LREC”; var yad_template_w=300;var yad_template_h=250; if(window.yzq_d==null)window.yzq_d=new Object(); window.yzq_d[‘y0lDHFf4ahw-‘]=’&U=13ol6gi4u%2fN%3dy0lDHFf4ahw-%2fC%3d200096618.201630851.202928454.200493719%2fD%3dLREC%2fB%3d200853905%2fV%3d1’; Expert Bigfoot tracker John Buscati thought that the claim … Continue reading

The Weekly Festival News Round Up

The Star Wars fest: Darth Vader was arrested as he was obsessed with Princess Leia’s Buns. Police are investigating what “can I show you the dark side?” means. Festival organisers in Brazil are in receipt of hundreds of complaint calls from a Mr R D’Janeiro when thousands turn up at his Tupperware party in Brixton. … Continue reading

Inflatable Faeces Raises A Stink

David Miliband has denied he had anything to do with a recent incident in London. A large inflatable faeces was released from its moorings and seen heading towards number 10 Downing Street. A witness to the incident said that he saw it all unfold and has passed a description of the perpetrator of the crime … Continue reading

The Global News Terrorists Appear On Channel 4’s 4 Laughs Comedy Roulette Site

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