Happy 50th Birthday Madonna

A youthful looking Madge reaches a respectable 50 years of age today. The singing Diva has denied she has been asking her close circle of friends to say she is only 36 years of age. Either way we feel she is looking better and better every year.

Elton John Announces He Will Be Singing At The 2008 Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony.

George Bush Squares Up To Vladimir Putin Over Georgia

Yee Haw Yee Haw is echoing around the White House as Barmy George gets a last chance to vaporise humanity.Our source within the White House said “Oh Sh*t.” Duck and Cover. By SLAP

Chiefs Admit Birmingham Skyline Mix-up

Birmingham City Council has admitted sending out leaflets which showed its US namesake’s skyline instead. About 720,000 pamphlets praising Brummies for their recycling were sent around the city at a cost of £15,000. But instead of showing landmarks such as the Rotunda and the new Selfridges building, it showed downtown Birmingham, Alabama, instead.This isn’t the … Continue reading

Peaches Geldof To Star In Dawn Of The Dead Remake After Wedding In Las Vagas

It looks like the morning after the night before is taking its toll on Peaches Geldof after her quickie wedding in Las Vagas.

George Bush Tells Russia To Lay Off Georgia.

China Says "Try And Put This Bastard Out"

After months of protests around the world about China’s human rights record which resulted in attempts to put out the Olympic flame,The Chinese Government have unveiled a flame which burns more fuel than a small country. However, under the current ecological climate we feel the flame proves that China really does care deeply about the … Continue reading

The Weekly Festival News Round Up

The annual River Dance Festival: It is called off due to localised flooding. Anyone who has lost their shoes can ring a special helpline organisers confirmed. T in the Park Festival: Thousands complain to organisers at the poor standard of refreshments when all that is on offer is cream scones and cups of tea. Real … Continue reading

Global Food Prices Hit Biblical Stories Shock.

Today Jesus Christ was the first Religious leader to come out and openly express his concerns over the increase in global food prices. Jesus as he likes to be known to his followers was re-enacting his much publicized feeding of the five thousand to his followers when word reached him of the current price hikes. … Continue reading

Paris Hilton Blow Up Doll Issued To U.S Soldiers In Iraq

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