Bush Joins The Tush Slapping Championship At Beijing Olympics

Mr Bush took time out from it all and enjoyed the delights of the Beijing Olympics. It looked to all the world that President Bush was concentrating on bringing home the Gold for his country even if it was such a painful experience for him?????

George Bush Tells Chinese Counterpart "America Won’t Stand For Human Rights Abuses"

The Olympic Opening Ceremony

Thousands of tanks were exquisitely drilled to take part in the choreography. Here we see a conductor directing a column of four tanks, with guns raised in salute, before magically disappearing under their tracks. All world leaders attending clapped or did absolutely nothing at all. By SLAP

Please Do Not Delete This Is A Spam Message

As The Global News Terrorists do not send out such things.

Festival Season Is Here And Its Time For A Weekly Round Up Of TheFestival News

An accident at the Cornwall Morris Dancing Festival: Last years winner was run over by a younger competitor, police are currently looking for a Morris Minor. This years Download music festival is raided by the police. Members of the crowd are made to pay 70p for every song they listen to. And Finally: Woodstock: The … Continue reading

Mid Week Supplement

Lembit Opik MP Shows Why He Still Loves His Cheeky Girl !

USA Waterboarding Olympic Team Prepare For The Beijing Olympics

Disney/Pixar To Announce New Role For Stephen Hawkins?

Prof. Stephen Hawkins is to appear in the new Guy Fawkes film the Hollywood rumour mill is saying. Professor Hawkins by all accounts is to appear as the lead in the new computer generated film. The story involves Guy Fawkes discovering the Big Bang Theory whilst trying to blow up the houses of parliament. One … Continue reading

Spotted On Ebay

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