US Governments Bail-Out Plan Hits A Snag

Worlds Smallest Man Meets Worlds Tallest Woman

The Winner Of The Lights On But No One Is Home Award Goes To:-

AMY WINEO……. Miss Winehouse was seen recently carrying a lamp at a DJ gig in London. The ailing diva who is used to having the spot light on her decided it would seem to bring her own lighting just in case she was unrecognized? With an outfit like that Amy I doubt you would have … Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s Recycling Credentials Not In Denial After New Hair Cut

The Worlds Leader Puts America In The Picture

President George W Bush has said that legislators will “rise to the occasion” and pass the Wall Street rescue plan. In a statement he said that there are still disagreements because, “the proposal is big and the reason it’s big is because it’s a big problem”. By Lance Spelling

Australians Appoint New Type of Marsupial as New Governor General.

Australians have appointed a new form of Marsupial as the new Governor General. The Marsupial who goes by the name of Quentin Bryce can be clearly seen here with two of her young. One offspring in a conventional pouch by the abdomen the other in a new unheard of pouch on the leg. Professor Bruce … Continue reading

Russian President Ups Security At New Home As New Cold War Hots Up !

Russian President Dimitry Medvedev inspects the finishing on the doors of his new home atop of a 100 foot deep bunker complex Mr Medvedev stated “After a spate of burglaries I have improved the security of my new home.” “In addition it is pure coincidence that the doors and bunker would also protect from the … Continue reading

The Global News Terrorists Magazine Extra

Spot The Difference

Palin In Crash Course In Foreign Policy?

US Republican vice-president candidate Sarah Palin has met world leaders for the first time in what is widely seen as a crash course on foreign policy. Sarah Palin’s assistant confirmed that her first meeting went well over a Happy Meal lunch. Republican insiders have denied that Palin and the first head of state she met … Continue reading

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