Australians Appoint New Type of Marsupial as New Governor General.

Australians have appointed a new form of Marsupial as the new Governor General. The Marsupial who goes by the name of Quentin Bryce can be clearly seen here with two of her young. One offspring in a conventional pouch by the abdomen the other in a new unheard of pouch on the leg.

Professor Bruce Fragham of Wagarrrunga University stated “ Crikey” and downed a cold one. He then said “It isn’t unheard of for Marsupials to achieve high office in Australia; in fact many prominent Australians are Kangaroos.”

Many Australians though are proud of their new Governor; Sheila from Whinnybigrock said “Good on her though she’ll have to put the Joeys down when she’s doing a bit.”
Bruce from Sheep Station Boomrabbit 7 said “Please let me go home.”


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