Dolphins In Size Zero Diet Quandary

it would appear that it is not just supermodels who are under pressure for that size zero look.

Dolphins at a marine park in Tokyo, Japan, have been put on a strict diet to lose weight after they began to gain a few pounds.

A spokesperson for the Marine World said that the 19 dolphins were failing to hit their jump targets and slouching while treading water.Some of the dolphins had put on 22 pounds and were looking chubby, officials said.

Locals near the Marine World have confirmed that the Dolphins have been making a pest of themselves over the last month or two. One local stated that the dolphins have been burning the midnight oil of late with wild parties and the odd bit of of anti social behaviour. Apparently one take away food store had billed the owners of the centre for a large amount of money with pizzas, burgers and kebabs being the most frequently requested ordered. By all accounts this was after a visit to Marine World by Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps

We were unable to talk to any of the dolphins or Mr Phelps for legal reasons but rest assured we will report on the continuing progress of the dolphins diets in due course.

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