Food Prices Ends Fairy Tale Dream

Local news reports have confirmed today that a witch who was once implicated in the Hansel and Gretel child abduction case has had to sell her cottage made of sugary confectionery. After investigation by the Metropolitan police at the time of the inquiry all charges were dropped due to circumstantial evidence.

The reasons for the sale, was partly due to the global economic crisis that has hit the world. The witch concerned has been forced to sell up due to the increase in the sugar, flour and sweets that she used to adorn her enticing woodland cottage.

“It is extremely sad that I have become another victim to the current recession hitting the global markets. I will no longer be able to ensnare young children with my candy windows and sugar frosted roof and ginger bread door. There used to be a time when I could have eaten half a dozen children a month. Now I am lucky if I get any visitors at all, after all who wants to come to a place like this to be eaten? lollipops stapled to Grey granite walls just doesn’t seem to do it for anyone these days.”

The witch we can confirm has had to move from her country cottage and now resides at a high-rise flat in Lewisham, South-East London. Lewisham Council would not confirm if the witch has a restraining order on her or if Social Services are monitoring the witch to ensure the safety of local children in the area.

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