Readers Letters

I was in my works toilets recently and sign said “please depress for a 3 seconds to ensure a full flush.” so I told the toilet about my marriage problems and do you know what it worked? Thank God for British signage.

Mr Walter Cross, Essex

I find it very upsetting that the BBC’s DIY SOS team are to modernise Osama Bin Ladens cave in an Afghan special to be shown over the Christmas period. Surely tax payer’s money should be put to better use like starting a war in Iran for instance.

Mr G Galloway, Glasgow

With the near collapse of Wall Street in America surely it would have been a good idea to have built the wall on better foundations and with the correct cement?

Mrs D Jones, New York

Is it me or does the fact that Gordon Brown keeps calling his chancellor darling a little off putting?

Mr D Cameron, London

The attempts of some members of parliament to stop parents from giving their children a smack is unbelievable. I was brought up on smack and it hasn’t done me any harm, apart from the prison sentence and the decline in my mental health that is.

Mrs K Doherty, Staines

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