Policeman Kisses Rat To Death

A rat was given the kiss of life by an animal-loving policeman it has been reported in the media.
The ill rodent was spotted by PC Andrew Westlife while he was on his beat in Clacton, Essex.
“It ran out in front of me and stopped and looked up at me with its beady eyes.” PC Westlife explained. “I noticed his demeanour wasn’t quite right and so I picked him up I cocooned him in my hands and he gave a shudder and fell unconscious. I tried to revive him by blowing into his whiskered nose and rubbing his belly. I suddenly felt very attracted to the rodent and continued to stroke his lovely fur. This however, seemed to be doing more for me than the little critter.”
The rat did come around and he took it to a pet store in Clacton, Essex, but sadly it later died.
The CPS has denied they are looking into the incident to see if there is a case of charges being made under the Grooming of Under-Aged Rodents Act 1978.
P.C. Westlife has been suspended from duty whilst doctors check him for Rabies.

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