Television Stars Underfire After Radio Show Goes Wrong

Two of Britain’s most respected children’s entertainers have caused controversy after a childish prank went wrong on their weekend Radio Show. The pair who were hosting the late night show together rang the former star of a long running TV show “Emu’s Pink Windmill”. Emu who was due to talk live on the show unfortunately couldn’t be contacted via telephone as the show went live on air.

They two hosts decided however, to leave very rude messages on his answer phone stating that Sweep had in fact slept with Emu’s former partner Rodd Hull. A spokesperson for BBC radio has apologized for any distress Sooty and Sweep may have caused Emu and his family. Sooty has it can be confirmed been sacked over the matter. It is yet to be confirmed if Sweep will keep hold of his £6 Million contract at the BBC after thousands of complaints from children were received.

One BBC insider would only confirm that a great amount of raised squeaks could be overheard coming from the stars dressing room. This however could have been due to Sweeps owner placing his cold hand up his bottom.


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