Readers Letter:

Dull, repetitive teaching at GCSE is harming pupils’ enjoyment of poetry, says Ofsted. Does this mean children will no longer be able to laugh at such classics, as “There once was a woman from Nantucket….?”

Enid Blyton, Home Counties

I was utterly shocked yesterday when I read in your paper that the Government is going a head with its controversial introduction of congestion charges. I have been suffering for some time now with mucous filled lungs and the thought of having to pay for this affliction is an outrage.

Mary Splutter, Todmore

Which ever person it was who said suicide is painless was obviously a fool. I took 2 hundred paracetamol tablets and a whole bottle of Scotch last month after a long term relationship ended. I ended up in a coma for weeks and now wee and poo through a bag attached to my side. I can assure you all suicide hurts like hell.

Eddie Grant, Tumbridgewells

I was totally shocked to hear of the Fall of the Roman Empire. Surely the U.N. should have stepped in and helped them. It’s just another example of America dictating when the United Nations will and will not send in troops. Obviously the lack of oil in Rome has something to do with it?
Mr Tony Ben, Up Holland


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