Global News Terrorists Daily TV Guide:Today’s Picks

T.V. Crimes

1:00 Russell Grants Postcards: Today Gordon Brown receives a postcard addressed to “That Scottish C**t”

1:30 Flog it: Cynthia Payne muses over the selling off of public institutions during Thatcher’s reign in this slightly off the wall politics show.

9.00 The Apprentice: Sir Alan witty as ever sends another no-hoper apprentice for a long stand at the local employment office.

11.00 Doctors: Today we visit a doctor’s practice in Hyde as we see a patient being tenderly cared for by Dr Shipman in this re-run of the late 90’s hit.

11:45 Through the “A” Hole: Will the panel guess who’s brown interior Lloyd Grossman has been probing this week?

12:30 Egg Heads: A party of school children from Cleethorpes today verbally and physically abuse two bald boffins at Oxford University.

7:30 Coronation Street: Tonight’s episode – Bet and Phil head off to the Rovers Return little knowing the fate of the monarchy is soon to be in jeopardy from another mucky minger. Charlie announces his soon to be wedding to Cilla to all in the pub. Will Phil manage to get rid of the Charlie’s new bride to be by cutting another set of breaks at Kevin’s garage? And will the Wetherfield under pass become just as infamous as fizz and Tyrone’s dogging session on the Red Wreck?

9:00 Glitter Ball: Gary Glitter heads to Vietnam to raise funds for his favourite children’s home: will Gary’s magic rub off on the locals and will he manage to pull a few local kids off the street in this family favourite, if you have a family of paedophiles that is.

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