Pigs Sty At Home Due To Disease

Pigs in the Brentwood area have walked out in protest at the unhygienic state of the abattoir.
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said tests were being carried out on at the abattoir near Brentwood.
A spokeperson for the protesting pigs said today, “The walk out has been caused by the managements mismanagement of the managed areas under their management. We are protesting at the uncleanslyness of the whole abattoir we cannot work in this enviroment anymore. Unless middle management starts to listen then I’m afraid we are not setting another trotter over the doorstep.”
“No self respecting pig would be seen dead in a hell hole like this.”

The crowd of protesters were very clearly unnerved by the whole situation. When we asked Mr Harry Snout what made him feel so strongly about this matter he replied, “This is my first visit to this abattoir and probably my last and to be honest I am not happy with the surroundings. The floor was covered in a sticky red substance and the smell was discusting. We are pigs for god’s sake not animals. No self respecting pig would be seen dead in a hell hole like this.” The pigs concerned in this dispute are all members of S.W.I.N.E. the union for Sanitized working infastructures and natural enviroments.
The BBC Radio 4 programme, Farming Today said samples from the one of the abattoir workers, showed a blistering of the nose. This had been sent to the Institute of Animal Health laboratories in Surrey. The results of the tests could be known later in the day.
Vets are also investigating the possibility the worker may have swine vesicular disease. The symptoms of swine vesicular disease in workers are clinically indistinguishable from those of foot and mouth disease, according to the Defra website.

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