The Worlds Most Camp Football Kits

UN To Go Cap In Hand After Gaza Ceasefire

Meanwhile, two boys play at being Israeli Commanders amid the rubble of homes in Jebaliya, northern Gaza. It is estimated that about 21,000 homes were destroyed in Israeli attacks. The UN will launch an appeal for $613m to help people affected by Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, the body’s top official says.

Sexy dancer shows England manager Capello a new strip

Peer reveals ‘cello scrotum’ hoax

A top doctor has admitted her part in hoodwinking a leading medical journal after inventing a medical condition called “cello scrotum”. However reports coming out of Hollywood show that a well known celebrity has suffered from a similar condition since birth. It is not clear if the actor has ever played the cello but it … Continue reading

Arsenal Close to Arshavin Deal

Office joker only stopped laughing when joke went wrong

An office joker was reduced to silence after having the tables turned on him after 10 years of cruel unacceptable jokes on co-workers. Mr David Blain was your typical irritating office joker who constantly found mirth at the expense of others. It has been reported that he was brought near to tears today after his … Continue reading

Girls Aloud Blow Up Dolls Go On Sale In Japan

Modern Version Of Childrens Classic Game Hits The Shops

Look A Likes

Guantamino Bay Earmarked For New Tourist Attraction Denial

Fairground groupie Sandy Brown, Idaho, upon hearing about the news confirmed, ” I am looking forward to the new Waterboard themed ride everyone is talking about but not quite happy about the funny coloured boiler suites we may have to wear!” The owners of the new attraction Continental Importers Attractions would not confirm nor deny … Continue reading

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