Happy New Year Celebrations Gift To The People Of Gaza

As countries around the world celebrate the start of 2009 Hundreds of thousands turn up in Gaza to watch the celebratory fireworks. Unfortunately for the citizens of Gaza it was the Israeli Armed forces who where letting this years fireworks off in spirited attempt to oppress the people of Gaza.

Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak who helped to orchestrate the celebrations was, it has been confirmed very happy with this years fireworks display. When asked if he felt the actions were a little heavy handed taking into account the number of deaths that have occurred, Mr Barak confirmed, ” Our public liability insurance is up to date and besides they are only Palestinians!”

Out going President George Bush thanked the Israeli government for taking the opportunity to do what they are doing now as they will have little chance of getting away with it so easily once the new man in charge takes over.

The Israeli government have confirmed that as a special treat they are happy to extend the current celebrations for as long as they want. This was met by a muted response from World leaders as usual.

A peaceful new year to you all – (surely not Ed.)

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