Cameras Take Revenge On ‘Lollipop-Rage’

Britain’s mighty lollipop men and women are fighting back against their aggressors in order to bring an end to years of so-called “lollipop-rage”.
This is the name for driver aggression at school crossings – and councils around the country are determined to stamp it out. They are now arming patrols with new lollipop signs with inbuilt cameras to record rage incidents and car number plates.

“Swearing and using threatening language, revving engines or sounding horns while children are crossing, driving too close to patrols and attempting to drive round them while they are on the road are just some of the examples our staff have been subjected to.” said councillor Ken Stott.

Garry Indiana was a lollipop man in Hartlepool until he was seriously injured last year.

He said: “I found being a school crossing patrol an extremely rewarding job. I got to work with children who I have always enjoyed being around. Now I am no longer a lollipop man I guess I’ll just have too look at the children from my bedroom window.”
When we asked councillor Stott the circumstances behind Mr Indiana’s accident and rumours a secret camera was found in his shoe, he refused to comment other than to say it obviously was placed incorrectly by Mr Indiana at the time.
It is hoped that this new technology will be an effective deterrent provided it is used in the correct manner. Mr Indiana has been asked to move away from the school in order to save further incidents happening.

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