Twitchers Meet Leaves Chaos In Street

Birdwatchers rushed to see a wild bird that hasn’t been seen in Britain for over 20 years. The sighting took place near Stockport, Greater Manchester. Twitchers, as they are called, had been watching and twitching at the greater yellow rump swallow for 20 minutes when all hell broke out at the scene.
“I was watching the graceful little swallow through my specialist all terrain combat binoculars when the swallow landed on a TV aerial of a near by council house. All of a sudden a nasty sparrow hawk came out of nowhere, swooped down and ate the Swallow right in front of our eyes.” Group member Ken Stott confirmed.

“We were horrified. We had telephoned other enthusiasts to come and see the swallow, and then had to call them back to say it had been eaten by a bloody sparrow hawk. It’s terrible the amount of money that’s been wasted on phone calls.” Andy Green, fellow Twitcher stated at the scene.

When we asked the group of twitchers what happened immediately after the attack Ken Stott replied, “We killed it, after all who was going to pay our mobile phone bills. I have its head on a biro pen in my car if you want to see it?” We declined his offer and reported him to the Bill Oddie Foundation for cruelty to endangered birds.

The yellow rump swallow isn’t normally seen any further than North America it has been reported. An RSPCA spokesman added: “Sadly it’s just one of those things. Last week we had a call about a Gorilla dressed up as a New York policeman who was found trying to bum a George Michael look-a-like on Hampstead Heath, these things happen.”

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