Disney Characters Arrested By Hollywod Police Department

The Hollywood Police Department confirmed today that seven suspects have been arrested after a street brawl with prostitutes. Those arrested were engaged in a no holds barred fight with a group of working ladies. An eye witness who was crossing the lights at the scene stated that they had never seen such a site in their entire life before. A spokes person for the Hollywood Charitable Hospital confirmed that a number of severe ankle injuries due to bite marks had put the hospital on a critical level.

Captain Dwight Hoffman of the LAPD gave a brief statement outside the police station. “I can confirm that this morning after a vicious brawl several men were arrested. We are currently investigating the matter and do not know if the suspects will be released on bail or not as they have yet to go in front of a judge.”

Captain Hoffman also went on to say, ” We can only confirm that the cause of the problem was due to defamatory taunts allegedly directed at a group of hookers standing near a street corner. We do not have much to go on as the seven men arrested were less than helpful. Our lead investigator confirmed that one was too happy and obviously on something, another was too bashful and wouldn’t come out of his shell whilst a third we couldn’t wake up as he kept falling asleep. The Grumpy one we have put in a holding cell for his own good. Of the others one had hay fever and kept sneezing all the time as for the dopey one we had to call the doc to check he wasn’t suffering from a mental breakdown.”

According to an official representative the men in their defence stated that they were merely singing a song that they always sing whilst on their way to work.

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