US Bikini Wax Ban Plans Ditched

The US state of New Jersey has scrapped plans to ban bikini waxes after an outcry from beauty salon owners. The Cosmetology and Hairstyling Board proposed the move after two women were hospitalised for infections following the procedure; one filed a lawsuit after her muff was handled too roughly. But officials have now reversed course after complaints from salon owners about losing business ahead of the swimsuit season. Waxing is popular in America, especially as sunbathers head for the beach in the summer.

Spa owner Amanda Lindau told the Associated Press news agency: “It was an unnecessary issue. We’ve been waxing for years at the salon and have never had a complaint yet. Our sack,crack and back offer has been favourably received particularly by men from the construction industry. In my book you haven’t lived until you’ve ripped the arse hairs of an Italian American from the construction industry. When they cry for their mama’s it brings tears to your eyes, I can tell you. The thanks you get after you have torn the last patch off their body it is heart warming.”

Three frequent visitors to the salon openly expressed their relief at the reversal. “We visit the salon on a weekly basis, without waxing we would hate to think what we would end up looking like! It gets hot this time of the year and we would dread to think what we would look like on site if we didn’t manage to wax on a regular basis! The New Jersey Construction and Building Trades Council refused to comment but did confirm that Barry, Larry and Harry do hold down jobs within the industry.

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