Office Worker Reprieved After Jesus Image Appears

An office worker who had previously been reprimanded by his Team Leader after being found photocopying his backside during office hours has had a lucky reprieve it was disclosed today. Mr Denny Aire who has been employed by City Waste Environment Department for the last 6 months was found on Monday evening with his pants down and his rump placed firmly on the glass of the office photocopier. Initially he was due to be suspended until a proper investigation had been carried out by the Human Resources department. However, it has now come to light that the investigation has been suspended and the offending photocopy has been passed to a specialist team as an image similar to that on the Turin Shroud has appeared on the evidence being held at an undisclosed place.

Both representatives of the company concerned and the leaders of the Christian world are puzzled by the apparition. When confronted by his Team Leader over the issue he confirmed he merely had a penchant for exposing his hairy bottom to bursts of light.

Union officials confirmed that the issue has been raised with them as Mr Aire was seeking representation at any possible tribunal. “I can confirm our colleague has stated that he never meant to create any fuss and was merely having fun with the office equipment. As for being told that his backside may be now probed by the Vatican, this is unnerving to him to say the least”,

Mr Aire’s work colleagues have, it can be confirmed, complained about the strange smell coming from the photocopier concerned and strange smudges on all new photocopies even though the toner has been changed on three separate occasions so far.

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