Devil Speaks Out At Inconsistency Of Jesus Media Coverage With His Own

The devil came out in the press today to denounce the continuous publicity his arch enemy Jesus has been getting in the news. The Devil AKA Old Nick and Beelzebub, bemoaned the fact that Jesus has been reported in the last few months as appearing on a cushion, crisp, toast and lately a chunky Kit-Kat.

“It has to be said their is a lot of biased reporting going on and not just lately its been going on for years now. Everyone seems to go ooh! look at that its just like Jesus but the same never happens when it comes to me I can assure you. I’d be lucky to get a mention no matter how spectacular my image appeared. It truly comes to something when all i get compared with is politicians, tax men and traffic cops!”

Jesus has denied favouritism is the real reason for such news worthy reports and added that he isn’t always shown in good light. Jesus was in fact referring to the fact he was alleged to have appeared on a dogs anus in the past. “By all means the Dark Lord can have that one if he wishes it’s fine by me.”

The Devil is to launch his own Internet publicity company in order to spread his corporate image in better light than it already is. Our business Affairs correspondent Ken Stott has placed doubt on this being a good business proposition taking into account the Madonna 50th Birthday apparition the Devil made last August.

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    *do* delete the space after pics lovie.. thanking you..

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