New Event Rumoured For London Olympics

Olympic officials have denied rumours that the next children’s Olympics in London will introduce a new event, the 1,000 metre stare.

Competitors from around the world in the 9 to 16 age group will compete for the traditional gold, silver and bronze medals whilst they compete against each other whilst being subjected to intense home truths about the state of their bedrooms, homework, general lack of cleanliness and social functionality etc

Abraham Gosling, Buckinghamshire who has been picked by his parents and teaching staff at his school, to compete in the Olympics had the following to say about the new event.
“To be honest I am not sure why I have been picked and I don’t really care. What is it for again?”

Sandra Keating, whose 12 year old daughter Storm was happy to talk about the future competition, “I feel very confident about the new event, Storm has been in training since she was 8 years of age. Why only last week I talked to Storm over the state of her bedroom which went on for a good 10 to 20 minutes. Her lack of interest in what I had to say or the state of her bedroom resulted in at least an 800 metre stare over my left shoulder. In fact it was so intense I thought I had something growing out of the side of my head. If anyone is ready for the next Olympics I feel Storm is. We could be looking at the next British Olympic Gold Medallist.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yep, that confirms you’re a daddy mr b, haha!

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