Drug Cartels In Global Crisis

Mexican Drug Cartels have spoken out about the announcement that the world cocaine market is “in retreat”. The usually waring cartels have formed a coalition and announced that due to the current global economic crisis they are seeking financial help to keep their collective franchises in business.

Eduardo Calima the designated spokesperson for the coalition told Global News Terrorists,” The current situation across the world has had dire consequences to the wealth of our members and we are calling upon on the International Monetary Fund for financial assistance. Without a financial deal in place the import and export of our much craved products will mean many small operators could go in to liquidation, and we are not talking about gangland executions here!” The IMF refuse to comment on the latest crisis but say they are monitoring the situation closely.

Mexican and American intelligence agencies are taking a close interest in the new coalition to ensure their share of any new business deal remains in place. As for the Serious Organised Crime Agency they are happy that the current clampdown on drug smugglers will be reflected in their annual performance review. Soca may have decided that whatever, you do on the war on drugs, you cannot win vital public relations battle by operating from the shadows.

Hank Marvin from the 6o’s group has confirmed that neither he or the rest of the band have ever been connected with drugs enforcement. Hank also confirmed the bands hits have all been of a music nature only.
3 Responses to “Drug Cartels In Global Crisis”
  1. Anonymous says:

    musical nature only

  2. Anonymous says:

    musical nature only

  3. Anonymous says:

    Soca may have decided that, whatever you do on the war on drugs, you cannot win vital public relations

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