Brains Behind The Tamil Tigers Found

Conspiracy theorists have voiced their suspicions for sometime now regarding the real leader of the Tamil Separatist movement. And now we can confirm a special investigatory team have uncovered, that a well known breakfast cereal logo may have been the real brains behind the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), commonly known as the Tamil Tigers.

The terrorists group fighting for Independence from Sri Lanka has not confirmed or denied such a rumour. We are aware however, that for some time now separatists breakfast cereals have been none too happy with the increase in healthy option breakfasts available in super markets.

We asked one of Tony’s closest friends, George W Bush about this breaking news. “Nothing surprises me these days. You think you know someone and then they just blow away all your preconceived ideas about them with news like this. To be honest I never trusted those Tamils not after what they did with the Tamla Motown record label.”

Confirmation of Tony the Tigers capture is imminent after a Jordan’s Cluster Bar bomb was dropped near the groups camp causing heavy casualties.
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